Emergency notifications



Our emergency management department maintains an RSS feed that they update themselves if there is an emergency of any kind. Our current digital signage vendor is able to monitor this feed and take over all screens (around 30 of them) in case of an emergency (if the RSS feed has anything in it), with clear instructions on how to proceed. Is Xibo capable of the same thing or anything that would be comparable? This is pretty much a key feature that would make the move to Xibo much more feasible - we couldn’t do without this. All other functionality that Xibo offers seems to align closely with what we need.




In 1.7 series (current) I don’t think so. You could have a special layout with that rss feed, but you would need to manually schedule it (with priority) on your devices. So not exactly what you’d want.

It should be possible to achieve exactly(or really close) to what you want in 1.8 series (currently in alpha) with XMR.
You can have a look at latest 1.8 alpha2 release.
It is a development preview (alpha) as it is we definitely don’t recommend using it in production setting, but it’s something to look forward to.


Same exact issue. We have a digital signage that I have setup to read a rss\xml for a trigger word to turn the emergency content on or off. Due to the cost we are looking for an alternative.


If your player supports layering, couldn’t you add a top layer that pulls out and displays the rss content? This would require writing a custom module that looks for key words and only outputs when this occurs, but I doubt it would take a lot to write it. Perhaps just some modifications to the built-in RSS reader module?