Embetted HTML Region not fully showing


I use the Windows Client, and I currently have only 1 region with Embetted HTML.
However, it doesn’t fully show the region.
It starts in the middle of the screen (where it’s not supposed to start), and it get cuts off on the right.
It works on a second PC, but I can’t get it working on this one.
Everything is exactly the same in terms of code, yet it doesn’t work on this PC.
I have the resolution set as 1080x1920, because it needs to be shown on a screen that’s put sideways.
I have no idea how to fix this and I couldn’t find it on Google.

Thanks in advance,
Jeffrey de Vries


Since it’s working on other PC, then I guess we can assume that the layout itself is fine.

Could you perhaps try to install IE11 and then change the browser emulation registry key and see if that will change anything.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your response.
I tried to install Internet Explorer 11, but I can’t seem to install it on Windows Server 2008 (which I’m running my PC on)
Is there perhaps any other way to change it?