Embeded module not work correctly

after 6 post without no answer i hope one staff or admin see and answer this post

as you can see at the right box i changed my text and hit save but no effect in left box preview

after many test i found out the solution , if my Calendar Type be jalali the changes not saved and not shows and still show previous text !

but when i change Calendar Type to Georgian and change right box text the preview work correctly and show the real-time changes after save

actually i should say that this problem also happened for text module and i think any module that has html css text box

hope developers or admins come here and help us ( regions with jalali calendar ) to use Xibo

We try to answer all the posts we can, sorry yours have not been answered.

That is really interesting - we have had many problems with the Jalali calendar since it was implemented, and we’ve given it some attention in the upcoming version 3 of the software. It is hard for us because we don’t understand the output ourselves, and the original developer is no longer contributing.

I have submitted a bug for this to see if we can work out what the problem is and patch it for version 2.3.4.

First of all Thanks Dan for the reply.

it’s so interesting for us to see new update with a perfect relation module and jalali calendar type

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