Embedded webpage / Javascript

Hi everyone,

first at all i will try to explain my situation.
I am using xibo cms v 1.8.10 with xibo android player version 1.8 R106 on a Minix x68i android device.

I´ve created a layout with a region including an embedded media. I got a java script which will open a company website and execute an autologin comand so we dont need to log in manually.

After saving this content and going to actions so i can watch the preview of this, i get the information; “there are items on this layout that can only be assessed by the client”, because of the Javascript i guess.
So here is the point, the website including the autologin works in preview as well as on current windows xibo player, only on my android device it won´t work. I am getting a message box; The page at “http://localhost” says: failed. I´ve tried to activate javascript on default browser without success.
Is there someone who has experience using JS on android player and can help me a little?



You need to check the link in your region, make sure it references the full domain name. Http://FULL.DOMAIN.NAME/Location/of/the/page.html

Remember the Minix device is the one pulling the page not the Xibo CMS.