Embedded javascript full screen or centre

I am in the process of testing a Xibo install and am trying to get it to rotate through a set of web pages using javascript. The embedded code works well, but it doesn’t fill the screen, nor can I figure out a way to have the embedded region centred. Is there a simple way to do either of these things?

See link below for what the Xibo client displays:


You would create a region, and in it add several Webpage media types with the duration you want.

The Xibo Player will then cycle through the webpages for you - no need to write your own JavaScript!

Thanks Alex. I should have mentioned that the number of web pages is going to be variable, so I cant ‘hard code’ them into a location. Hence the use of Javascript. I think I’ve found a way to solve it though.

Is there a way to centre an Embedded region?

Your embedded code needs to centre itself. All we do is open your code in a browser.

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