Embedded HTML no longer working after Upgrading CMS

So as the title mentions, we were using On-Premise CMS 3.3.5 within Docker for Windows, and I upgraded to CMS 4.0.10. After the upgrade, our widget that had embedded html for the weather quit working altogether. There is a place holder shown and it says Current Weather at XXXX but it’s just blue text and that’s it. It has always worked with every version up until the latest. We have 2 displays that show this information and both of them are not showing anything. The clients are Windows machines using Xibo Player R402.1

Workaround: I was using 3 different widgets for embedded HTML to display the weather at each of our plant locations. I copied all of the code for the Embedded HTML and put that into a html file and uploaded it onto our local webserver and used the Webpage widget in the designer instead of the Embedded widget … pointed to the local webserver page I just uploaded, and it works as it did before.