Embed Webpage not displaying offset area

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Trying to add part of a website the middle of the page, I’ve set the offsets and it looks right in the design, but when I view it on the Player it’s just showing the top of the website like I didn’t even adjust it.
Any idea what I could be doing wrong?


strangely enough I have the same problem. it worked in the past but now it doesn’t.

What I’ve noticed: If the client was shut down inappropriately (like pulled the plug), it seems to have difficulties starting up the next time. Right now, I have 1 client which is only displaying RSS feeds. All other components (clock / date, embedded webpage, google traffic) is not loaded at all.

A working solution for that seems to be do update the assigned layout (checkout, change a small item, publish) and wait for the update to be applied. That worked for me. It now shows all components again.

Maybe it’s a cache thing? It feels like it is.

Thank you I’ll give that a try.

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