Email setup with Manual install post version 1.8

I am running a manual install of version 2.3.3, using MySQL 5.6 and IIS on Windows Server 2016. Followed several guides to get to where I am now, with seemingly everything else working as it should, not without several issues along the way. Search on the forum has helped tremendously when running into an issue not covered in the install guides, as most of the guides were written for earlier versions.

Now to my issue. As I mentioned the guides were for earlier versions, with all of them referring to the Email using PHPMail. After CMS 1.8 however, PHPMail was ditched for PHPMailer. I’ve not found any guides relating to PHPMailer in regards to CMS. For example, where do you put Host/Port and authentication parameters?

I would assume this information goes in the PHPMailer.php. I have input those settings and wrote the simplest mailtest.php and it works fine.

Problem is I can’t get the CMS EmailNotificationTask.php to run properly. With all files in their stock configuration, I get these same lines in the log. I know forsure XTR is working, as I have replaced EmailNotificationTask.php with the simple php I wrote, and running the email task works fine. I think my issue is elsewhere, maybe with Slim\Slim, or UserNotification, since these are mentioned in the debug. Has anyone seen this in their logs?

Finally figured it out. The above error was a permission issue where some files didn’t inherit permissions. Atleast that’s what I think it was, because after redoing permissions on the folders, this error went away.

Now how to setup email on CMS version 1.8 or greater

Navigate to \xiboinstallfolder\vendor\phpmailer\phpmailer\src
Edit file phpmailer.php - This is the file you will put SMTP info in, gmail used in example
Ctrl F - Find these and edit

public $Host = ‘’;
public $Port = 587;
public $SMTPSecure = ‘tls’;
public $SMTPAuth = true;
public $Username = ‘’;
public $Password = ‘’;

That takes care of SMTP settings, now navigate to
Edit file EmailNotificationsTask.php

In this file, scroll down until you see the line
$mail = new \PHPMailer\PHPMailer\PHPMailer();

Directly under this line ADD

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