Email and CMS installations

When doing a new CMS installation, especially for testing and learning purposes, a stumbling block I’ve run into a number of times (read: every time :-)) is having to decide what to do about email. The machines on which I do my testing generally don’t have a reasonable email service available for outbound SMTP, and Gmail is becoming a less and less viable solution to that problem, especially for testing – what you’ll use as a SMTP service in production is almost never what you want to use in testing.

If you want to use anything in testing; for me, “can it send email” is a phase 3 or even 4 testing item; not “before you even get it installed”.

But – especially in the Docker installation – it is unclear what choices you should make if “I just don’t want to do email right now” is your choice for testing: Docker seems to want to put those answers in the docker.config, where I can’t tell if they’re going to get baked into the image, and I will have to reinstall to change them, or what.

Any chance we could get maybe a couple more lines of comments, suggesting how to approach these matters at build/install time?

They are not getting baked in the image. your config yml will be used to set properties to config your container. Your database + media (including layouts) are saved to your local folder so it won’t get removed while doing upgrades/power cycles.

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