Edge Browser Whitelist


I’m trying to register two urls in Edge’s whitelist, to be able to display embedded MP4 files, but it only works with the first url that is entered, when registering a second url separated by commas, it stops working. Any idea how to enter multiple urls? I have tried it with semicolon, space, and the same thing happens, It only works with a url.



I have the same issue with V3.3.4 Docker install.
Steps to reproduce : create a layout with 2 webpages https://www.whatismybrowser.com and https://www.whatsmybrowser.org.
If you enter one or the other URL in the Edge withelist in player settings, it will work and it will show you the page is rendered with Edge. But if you enter both of them separated with anything (comma, semicolon, space or wathever) it won’t work. Both are rendered with Chrome.
Can somebody help ?
Thank you.

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