Dynamic Playlist not Updating on Layout

CMS Version 3.2.0 with Windows Player

Hi there!
I have the same issue that was posted a few years back:
[Dynamic Playlist doesnt update - Get Help - Xibo Community]
Dynamic Playlist doesnt update)

Basically, I’m trying to make a dynamic playlist, which works fine on initial setup, but any changes after creating it are only seen within the playlist itself and nothing else (Image below: media 132 was ‘added’ by being given the tag Test).

I noticed that the Duration column on the Playlist had a clock icon with ‘Changes have been made and we are recalculating this Playlists duration’, so I checked the ‘Synch Dynamic Playlists’ task was running and then tried to stop-start it (as was advised in another post), but nothing seems to make my sub-playlist update to the Layout which still says it has the same amount of widgets and time as before the added image.

Any clue where I can look to get this working? This is pretty much the last thing I need working before I can roll it out across our campus.



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