Dynamic group scheduling to not affect schedule

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CMS Version



windows 2 R252.4-252

Player Version

windows 2 R252.4-252


My dynamic group scheduling does not affect the player.
I reverted to normal group and it works.
The group are :.+ (for all players) and .±U (for players with name finishing in -U)
I have schedule in both, but as soon as I set them as dynamic the layout is removed from the player schedule.


Do you have XTR/Maintenance running? Dynamic groups are maintained in the background and if XTR isn’t running then they won’t ever be set.


I use the docker image installation and my task (Regular maintenance) is indicated to have run as schedule (every 5 minutes).
I did wait for 2 hr before setting the group manually, it the task in the daily maintenance or the regular maintenance ?

That all sounds OK then - its regular maintenance that does that.

If you edit your dynamic groups, do the displays youre expecting to see show up in the Display table on the edit form?

We did have a problem with Regex in those fields, but it was fixed in 2.2.3 (https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo/issues/2108)

Yes, all the player show up in the dynamic group windows.
And the regex is simple .+

I think I have a key element
I try with a brand new group and it work, so I try again with my manual group (that have display) and change it to a dynamic group and this one did not work.
I think this is the key aspect the fact that the group was a manual group with membership before.

Is there a way to know what is the scedule result in the CMS ?
It will help a lot with testing :wink:

So I rebooted the CMS and eveything is now fix so you can closed this request.

Thanks you for the information.

Thank you for the feedback.
Best wishes,

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