Dynamic data in php


good morning,
let’s start by saying that I am a PHP developer and would like to create an interface between our data-entry and xibo. In practice, every day data are loaded on a DB and I would like to publish them on the XIbo, but in a past experience the data loaded, then read in real-time on the DB and displayed on the web, remain in xibo cache and do not update. I would like to understand how I can do? I would like that when the web page view is displayed, it will also be updated on XIBO. You can advise me how to do it. Maybe the page in php is not good? maybe it does not accept dynamic data? … thanks for your answers


Hi Marco, Did you found a solution to your issue?


unfortunately I don’t know how to do it. some advice?


No sorry, i’m searching too


I have already done (embedded). PHP page is updated daily, the files (videos, images, audio) have a different name, I save the files with date and time.