Duration vs # of Plays

I am running some reports for a specific piece of media, specifically looking at proof of play stats. In the report it gives, obviously # of plays for my specific time period but also provides Total Duration(s). I’m trying to wrap my brain around the difference between these 2 different stats and am failing completely.
For a given month:
Number of Plays - 4497 Total Duration(s) - 48341

Any help would be appreciated.

Does that answer your query?

Thank you Natasha for your response, I am a little late getting back to you. Are you saying that all of these stats are collected for each item? Also, could you clarify your definition of Widget? I don’t mean to be thick here, I am just trying to put the terminology in my wheelhouse so I understand.

Hi, no problem!

Yes you can collect stats for each item, this page may clarify things further for you: Proof of Play Settings

A Widget is used to display content in a Region, so whether a user adds text, images or dynamic content to a Layout they are adding a Widget. Each Widget added to a Layout is unique in that it can’t be reused and so when collecting proof of play stats it will only report on the selected Widget within the Layout. Where as if you collected on a Media file for example, it would report all instances of the selected media file being shown across Layouts.

Please do let me know if you need further clarification :slight_smile:

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