Dual Screen Issues

Having some problems creating a custom layout/resolution across 2 screens. I have an android box spanned across 2 NEC displays. When I am not running the XIBO client, the screens act as they should spanning the image across both displays. When I start the xibo client, it also appears to be spanning correctly however when the content starts to play it only plays on one screen and both images play over each other.

I created a custom resolution of 3840x1080 and have two regions each playing video. When I preview it on my browser it looks as it should. But when I go to the display is is all screwed up as you can see here:

Anyone know how to address this?

Quick update, I seem to be able to get it to sort of span correctly when displaying one video and one image. However the entire layout is still very squished. The blue background seems to fill the screen though.

What resolution does Xibo show on the Player status screen?

Yes, this was something I discovered right at the end of the day. It says 1280x672.

Right. So that’s the size of the screen the device is giving us.

So it will appear stretched if you put that across two 1080p displays.

You probably need to adjust the display settings in Android to get a larger resolution.

We’ve not actually seen an Android device that can output across multiple displays so I don’t know how it will be handled. You can force the Player to use a fixed size using a Display Settings profile in the CMS but that can’t be bigger than the size of the frame buffer Android is giving us

It is also worth adding that some devices are not capable of showing multiple concurrent videos - this is entirely down to how the manufacturer has designed the firmware and the capabilities of the graphics chip.

From your description (one video playing interlaced with the other) your device might not have concurrent video capabilities.