DSCS9 video playback quality


Good day everyone!

I received 5 DSCS9’s and we’re about to launch a digital signage marketing business.

We are currently just creating our content in powerpoint and after affects to create video advertisements.

We are experiencing a couple of issuess with video playback on the DSCS9’s.
Either the quality is drastically decreases, to like 480p when Surface view is turned on, or when we turn off SurfaceView (video rendering) our quality is better but the video becomes a little glitchy on certain videos when played back.

Currently our DSCS9’s are set to 1080P and our layouts are set to 1080p
We’ve tried exporting to MP4 and WMV, the videos we are having issues with are less than 1mb.

Is there something else we can try?
The TV’s we are playing back on are 720p but downscale 1080 i guess? since it is accepting the 1080 signal from the DSCS9’s

Would it be worth trying to set everything to 720? The video’s, layouts, and dscs9’s?
technically speaking i shouldn’t look picture quality as the tv’s are only 720p’s

Thanks for any input ladies and gents!


The DSCS9 works best with Surface View off, and with H264 MP4 videos. Xibo does no processing of your videos at all.

I’d also say that the videos PowerPoint produces are OK, but they’re not super high quality in the first instance.

1080p should be fine, but its then down to the quality of the downscaling done by your TV if your sending a 1080p signal to it as to how good that will look at 720p.

You certainly could try setting stuff up at 720p instead and see if that’s better. The less scaling involved the better generally.


Looks like using VLC to convert the mp4 files to a new mp4 file with h264 codec pretty much did it.

I did notice that when turning down to 720p is smoothened out a bit, but changing the coded did most of it.

Thank you sir!


Okay actually.

We’ve been playing around with setting and different file types and codes alot.

H264 did help when surfaceview was off. But still obvious glitching appeared in motion graphics especially.

After doing a bunch of testing, the DSCS9 plays the smoothest and best quality when converting files to vp80 in VLC, and with surface view on.

We had 3 different displays going at once all using the DSCS9 and with different setting and this is definitely the way to go. No glitching or tearing and sharp picture.