DSCS9 Screen rotation

Hi all,
I have purchased a DSCS9 just two days back. I want the screen to be installed vertically. Hence I need to rotate the screen. How can I do that . I have created a portrait display profile. Pls guide me how to configure it in the android device.

Thanks in advance

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Assign your new Profile by going to the Displays page in the CMS and editing the display to assign.

You may need to turn off Surface View in the Display Profile on the Troubleshooting tab, as some videos may look pixelated.

You will also need to go into the DSCS9 settings app and go to Display>Screen Rotation Display and set that to original as It currently defaults to middle port which should be addressed in the next firmware from DS Devices.

Once you have done that, restart the Player.

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Thank you natasha,
It works for me now

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Natasha, can you elaborate on the DSCS9 settings?
I have the same issue and I was able to create a new profile, make it Portrait and assign the displays to that profile.
However, the image did not rotate on the display.
I am unable to find the “Screen rotation display” under the “Display” in the settings. There is no option like that, or I’m looking in the wrong place.

Please advice, thank you.

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The setting you need is not in the CMS, you will need to close the Player and go to Settings:

Then to Display:

then Screen Rotation Display:

You will see three options:

which you need to set as original

When you set the orientation in your Android Profile in the CMS, the player will switch after restarting it.

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