DSCS9 Players overriding to landscape mode when power cycled

We are having a random and intermittent problem with some of our DSCS9’s that are set up on Portrait displays where when the players power cycle, the Portrait mode setting will get overridden with a landscape one and you have to go into the display settings in the CMS to remove it.

As far as I can tell, all the settings on the CMS end are correct and the screen orientation is correctly set in the player’s local settings as well. I’ve attached a picture of what the players orientation setting in the CMS looks like when the override gets applied. Any thoughts on how this could be fixed would be appreciated, as it has become a bit of a thorn in our side.


Hi @OSUASCXibo , thank you for your message and sorry to hear about your problem.

When you say that the ‘setting is overridden’ do you mean that the setting is being changed in the Override dropdown box as pictured in your image?

If so, it is not possible for the player to adjust the ‘Override’ setting - the setting can only be changed by a user of the CMS.

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Did you changed the landscape option also in the android setting (not xibo app)?

i have noticed, if the device itself is changed to portrait, xibo option won’t work. Keep the device in landscape if you choose to change the option in xibo.

That is precisely what it happening. There should be nothing in the override box, but somewhat regularly a landscape override will get applied. The confusing thing is that as far as I’ve investigated there is no person doing this manually, it just sort of happens with no input whatsoever. Could there be some other setting somewhere else within the CMS that is influencing this?

Another interesting tidbit is that this never happens to our players in landscape mode (aka a portrait override never get applies). For some reason this issue is exclusive to players that are set in the CMS to be in portrait mode.

Well, it’s something Xibo app cannot check specifically. However, in the Xibo user manual there is info in what to do with TV’s that support landscape/portrait mode.

I found out that putting a TV in the portrait mode, Xibo apps starts in Landscape mode if you have not touched the settings in the display properties of Xibo display. BUT, the landscape mode will start the app as a portrait mode, but the layout is still landscape, so you will see a part of your layout.

Best way is to leave your TV in landscape en let the Xibo player decide what to do with the orientation. If you configure your TV in portrait mode, be aware that the settings on the TV can revert to default when it receives an update. So best practice would be leaving it as default.

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