DSCS9 Player Version not updating

I have a DSCS9 device running android 7.1.2 that is having trouble updating its player version from the CMS (2.3.6). I can confirm XMR is functional as I am receiving a screenshot back instantly between the collection interval time.

I have followed the instructions as per https://xibo.org.uk/docs/setup/cms-v2-and-later-upload-and-install but still the player will not update. I have also done multiple factory restores. I have also run up a demo instance of the CMS in the cloud and still no update.

Xibo for Android includes free helpdesk support so please do open a ticket.

Thank you

Hi Natasha,

Thanks I since been in touch with support and we found I was using the wrong apk. I have a DSDevice DSCS9 but I was uploading the apk for the DSDevice DSCJ18. Once I uploaded the correct apk the device updated.

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