DSCS9 Player Switches off

Hi There,

We just activated our first DSCS9 players.
The y keep switching off automatically.
Did we miss a setting somewhere?

Kind regards

Do you mean they are powering down? Or that Xibo is closing?

Have you created any commands in your CMS? The DSCS9 is rooted by default and if you’ve had some test commands in there before they could now be getting run.

If the device is hard powering off and you do not have any commands in your CMS, then I would suggest that you contact DSDevices to ask if they have any ideas.

Hi Dan,

It is the last.
At least i am not aware of having any ‘commands’ in the CMS.
They power off approximately every 4 hours.

Do you have any power management devices between the DSDevices hardware and the power source? Timer switches, etc? Obviously if the device is powering down there is very little Xibo - as software - can do about that.

To be clear - do you mean the device itself is shutting off (i.e. no power light) ?

Hi Dan.

Plugged into the power plug directly.
No power back-ups between the power and the device.
Not even within the device itself by the way :slight_smile:
And they are installed in three different locations.

And yes all the lights go out.

OK so a bog standard, out of the box, installation and the contents of the CMS web portal -> Commands page is empty.

I think this means that there is something device-side causing the problem - Alex’s suggestion in your other topic that HDMI-CEC might be turning the device off seems to be the best lead so far.

We will wait for your test of that to see if that solves it.

Hi There,

We switched off the CEC on the client yesterday.
This morning the CLient was powerd off again. No lights.
Had to unplug to get it running again.
I now switched off CeC in the display as well. Will keep you posted if that helped.

By the way.
Is the ‘Commands’ thing you mentioned before a ‘Windows’ thing.
I never encountered it in our CMS.

Kind regards

You can find out about commands here: https://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/displays_commands.html - its a 1.8 feature and I believe you are running a 1.7 CMS so it won’t apply.

If this was the problem, I think CEC on the Player would have solved it.

Are you open to running a logcat application on the device so we can get some system logs from the moments before the device turns off? Setting it up is easy, just install from the above link and then set it to log to disk.

I will also reach out to DSDevices to see if they have further ideas.

Apparently this could so be caused by IR interference - could you try covering the round IR port on the device with some black tape (low tech solution) to see if that helps?

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I’m having the same issue with the DSCS9 boxes running for a day or two and then switching off… it’s solved by unplugging and plugging back in when it kicks back to life…

Is anyone else still having this issue?

if it is exactly 4 hours, could you check the sleep timer on your TV?

I have hundreds of them in the field and none of them shuts itself. All of them are 24/7 on!