DSCS9 Firmware Version

I just recieved some DSCS9 Players they came with android version 6, i have seen that there is a version 7 for the player, is there a reason to update? or should i continue using version 6.

Is there a list of the benefits?


If you’ve not deployed them yet, then I would suggest getting them upgraded before you do that as it will save you time in the future.

Android 7 has better support for concurrent video playback (ie playing 2 videos at once), and we also plan to be able to offer incremental firmware upgrades without needing to touch the device, but you will need to be on Android 7 to start with for that to work. The Android 7 firmware also has a newer version of WebView, which may resolve some issues you may have with specific websites that trigger bugs in older Google WebView versions.

Finally Android 7 has support for LetsEncrypt X1 root certificate out the box, which may be a concern for you if you host your own CMS. There’s more details on that here:

Beyond that, and in the vast majority of scenarios, there should be little appreciable difference.

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