DSC9X and screen orientation

Dear XIBO community

Just to be sure, I wanted to ask a question about screen rotation… horizontal, vertical, etc…

I’m using DSCS9X with player android 3-306 on the server Version 3.3.4. The options listed here should work?

because we tried, with a reboot but it is still in horizontal, we wanted use horizontal reverse


Hi, the DSCS9X Player supports normal orientation, 90 or 270 degrees rotated but not upside down.

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try the orientation on the DSCS9X settings to see if this helps.

thanks, in that way it works for some time

but if the DSCS9X restart (shutdown and boot), it goes back to normal orientation


I have one display (DSDC9X) running at on of our customer, it using 270’degrees option, so vertical inverse and this is working properly. Have you tried to do this on a different player?

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