Downloading New Files Issue

I have two displays that have said “Display is downloading new files” for the past half hour. I deleted the schedule and reset the schedule. I closed the player on both displays and restarted it. But nothing has worked. I’m use the PC player software.

Please press “i” on the player to get the information window to open and let us know whats on there (a screen shot would be fine).

There may be something obvious that you can spot yourself too

So I think I may have fixed the problem. All the images I had in my slideshow were bitmap files which averaged about 3.4mb each with 10 images rotating (they were saved as bitmaps because we have two large outdoor digital billboards that require bitmaps and rather than re-save the images as jpg’s, I just used the bitmap versions). I completely cleared out my entire media library of all the bitmap files through the CMS and then connected through my FTP and cleared out all the images there as well to ensure they were completely deleted. I re-saved all of my images as jpg’s which brought each file size down to about 450kb. Once I rebuilt the slideshow with the smaller jpg files, everything has been uploading faster and I haven’t had any issues with displays having issues downloading new files.

Fantastic - we can probably assume that it was having trouble downloading the larger files - if you are aren’t using one of the “send file modes” then the files are manually split into smaller chunks to send and this can be problematic if the network isn’t rock solid.

If you do have access to the host to configure it you can enable “sendfile” for Apache or Nginx which serves the files from the web server directly - which is more reliable.