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The Clients (W10 21H2 & 22H2) are running Xibo Player Version 3.301.1 .


We are working with playlists; the layout ist showing only one sub-playlist. The layout ist scheduled as always. Basically everything works fine.
If we edit the playlist, the display is showing the default layout until the download is done (like it should). Where can we see the download progress? The display status is showing fine:

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Step 1

Step 2


Thank you!
After the next change, I will check it out.

We edited the playlist today (one video was replaced).
Most displays were fine. One display stayed on the default screen; it didn’t finish the download. After terminating Xibo Player (not watchdog), it started again and everything was fine. In the error logs I find IOException. Anything I can do to prevent this behavior? Is it possible to restart the player from the cms?

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