Does anybody installed Android client on Amazon Stick TV?


The Amazon Stick TV hardware is pretty powerfull and Low cost so i am considering for a Digital Signage project. Any experiencias so far?


As I understand it you can sideload Android apps on the Fire TV devices but it’s not something we’ve tried. The officially supported devices are the best bet if you don’t want to have to do all the testing yourself.


VladimirCepeda, I’d like to know if have given the Amazon fire stick a try with Xibo. Thanks!


Hi, i installed xibo on fire TV stick. works like a charm. Installation is easy. you must only sideload the app. it also start automatic when you config this on the server or you can use fire starter launcher.



yesterday i test my new Amazon Fire TV Stick (Basic Edition, not the 4K) with Xibo.
Test runs good, everything is displayed, Videos run smooth.
Only one thing is noticed: If i run 2 Videos together at the same time, one video is flickering.

I dont know is that normal on Android or my TV? In my office, on a Windows Player this is not happend ?

For me is one of the cheapest Solution (40€ a FireTV-Stick + 20€ Android License) to run Xibo.

I have not do an longtime test, so i can not exclude any problems if the Stick runs longer…

Greetings from Germany