Docker CMS using NGINX

I was wondering if anyone has shown an interest in the Xibo CMS (docker installation) being reconfigured to use NGINX rather than Apache? I’d think based on the nature of the traffic which is being pushed to the CMS (much it being static content and large numbers of connections to displays), NGINX would shine. NGINX handles concurrent connections more efficiently and allows for idle connection pooling - both of which I think would play a big roll in a significant performance / efficiency gain.

Just not sure of it’s compatibility with XMR - can’t see it being too much to re-work?

It probably isn’t much rework (we actually use nginx quite a bit internally and support nginx file download mode, etc).

The reason we use Apache for Docker is that it is more well known and perhaps considered (rightly or wrongly) to be easier. Not having to have PHP-FPM for example does make things easier to understand.

I am not sure if its productive for the project to support another set of containers, although if you wanted to do so we’d be happy for there to be a guide to use them here?