Do you run on Wifi?

I am specing out a server PC to run Docker and Xibo CMS. The server will serve between 8 and 16 displays around the shop. The displays will be stick PCs running Win10 with Xibo windows player.

I am curious how you all do it. Do you setup your server to connect wirelessly to all your displays? Do you hard-line connect your server to a wifi router and then serve your displays wirelessly from there? Or is this a bad idea, and we should only connect displays to the server with ethernet cables? I am concerned about network security and want to keep the signage isolated from our network. I don’t manage our network security, but I want to have a good idea what we need before I get our MSP and SOC involved.

I think I need a decent server to run Hyper-v along with my docker and xibo. I am looking at a Dell Precision 3660. The main question now is wifi or no?
Thank you all for your time!

I am running this in the cloud with the following specs.4GHZ cpu (2 virtual + 2 cores per cpu) and 8GB ram.

I have noticed before that the more displays you have, the more resources your server needs to be.

Don’t forget to force https with SSL certificates in order to keep the network security high.

Good advice! Thank you. Can you tell me if your xibo server uses wifi?

Xibo server is in the cloud, so somewhere in a random datacentre.

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