Do not load Schedule grid view in jalali calendar

Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

Yes, I cleared And does not work

Can you try getting a log via the report fault page? I assume it works with Gregorian calendar selected?

yes in the Gregorian calendar ok

OK, we will need a log file in that case (we have several installations where it does work, so we know it isn’t a general problem).

You may find errors shown in the browser console window - which would also be useful.

Are you using the released 1.7.2 version?

Can we have access to your CMS to try it for ourselves and do some debugging?

yes 1.7.2 version i download from
i upload from username:admin pass:admin

This is what I get when I visit your site:

I wonder which browser you are using?

click on the month grid view loaded
when click on the day grid view not loaded

I have asked this question because there is clearly something different between my browser and yours and I would like to see which browser you are using so I can download it and try it out for you.

Google Chrome Version 41.0.2272.101 m

Exactly the same as me - that is very strange indeed… no console errors, same browser, same CMS. Perhaps it is regional settings on the PC itself, could you try with an English PC to confirm? (sorry that I don’t have a better suggestion!).

Maybe you could also try other browsers to see if that makes a difference?