Displays Status


How can we check the status of content being shown on displays or how can we be sure of what content are currently being displayed on a particular display ?

How can we monitor the status of media player ? Is it working or fail ? Want to know the status - please advise for above soon.

Would greatly appreciate if replies can be forwarded to my email : abbas@mustafacomputers.com


How to check whether a Display is showing the correct content and check its Status will depend on the version of Xibo you have installed and how it has been configured.

If you are using version 1.8 of the CMS and Players, ideally the latest version (1.8.12) you can use the Request Screenshot option in your CMS. You will find this in the Displays option of your CMS. To request a screenshot from a Display, simply click on the down facing triangle at the end of the Dsiplay entry and choose Request Screenshot from the menu.

If you wish to receive screenshots straight away, you will need to configure XMR for your CMS. Please also note that some media will not appear in your requested screenshot. For example, hardware accelerated media will return as a black screen. I have included links below to the Prepare your Environment manual, which includes a section on setting up ZeroMQ, which is required for XMR, and the XMR Guide itself:


You can also configure Email Alerts for your Displays. If the Display is down for a set period of time, you will be sent an email so you know to take a closer look. You would need XTR tasks to be configured before you can set this up. Below is a link to our Post CMS Installation Guide, which includes more information on configuring this as well as further links to the XTR setup documentation:

You can also configure Proof of Play statistics for your CMS, which is another way to monitor whether the Displays are showing the Layouts they should, as well as when they were last shown. You would need to switch this option on in the Display Settings Profile for your Displays. Below is also documentation for this feature:


Beyond the options I have mentioned, you can use the Displays option in your CMS to see the current status of a Display and whether it is currently up to date. You can also see the Last Accessed information, which will let you know when the last time was that the Display connected to your CMS.

Separate from the CMS, some users also find it helpful to use remote access tools to view what is happening on the Display. Team Viewer is a popular solution and also allows you to remotely manage the Display device, which could be helpful if any changes need to be made locally.

I hope the above information gives you some idea of the options available to you when monitoring your digital signage using Xibo.

Many Thanks.