Displays showing as not logged in

Recently some of our displays have been showing as not logged in which then means they are not updating with new content. At the minute the way we have found to get around this is by deleting the display from the cms,going into the client and changing the display ID by a few letters and then re adding the display,however this can become a pain when we have spent time on schedules for a few months for certain displays only to have to recreate them after something like this.

Is there either a better way to go about sorting this problem out or a solution to stop it from happening ?


Could you please confirm what CMS and player version are you using?

Well, that should not be happening in the first place.

Once display is added to the CMS, assuming it does have reliable connection to it, then it should just update the status to logged in and download required content/schedule.

If you’d encounter this problem again, could you please capture a screenshot of status window on your device?
I assume it’s windows client, so please press ‘i’ on your keyboard while client has focus.


Cms verison is 1.7.9

player version is 1.7.9

here is the log from the client which is currently experiencing this issue, all of the required files are all showing as 100%

Thanks Daniel

Right, so that looks ok.

It should display layout id 14, is it suppose to display something else?
If so, do you perhaps have some really long durations on this layout?

no actually now i have checked , it shouldn’t be that layout ,but the display hasn’t checked in with the cms since around 2 this morning which is the same issue we have been having with the other ones, however i dont understand how layout 14 has got onto this display since it has never been assigned to it.
I have attached a screenshot of what is being reported within the cms for this display.

Just checked this morning and 4 out of our 6 displays are all showing up as not logged in .I cant get the log off of the displays yet though as my college who has the remote access to these pcs isnt in yet.

Any ideas ?


Well it does seem like your player have issues connecting to the CMS - although on your screenshot 5/6 are connected and up-to date, so obviously it’s not an issue all the time.

It would be good to look at status window on those devices and perhaps to enable debugging in CMS and also look at logs there.
Basically if the device has internet connection and it can’t reach the CMS, it must output some error logs about it.

Hi Peter - I am having the same issue. Here is a screenshot below:

  1. Every time it shows an “X” under “LOGGED IN”, it is telling me that it is not logging into our server. Then we need to reinstall the player again to get it to work. Is this a bug or is there a fix for this because it keeps freaking out our Director. The other problem is, it stays as an “X” and it doesn’t go away unless we reinstall the player. Is there a way to fix this?

  2. You will also notice a “!” surrounded by a big black circle:
    a. One of the screens is showing that it has LOGGED IN and is working but I have the “!” - why? If its working, then why do I have a “!” exclaimation?
    b. Two of the screens have not logged in, and they show an EXCLAIMATION “!” - why? How do I fix that, I think this is related to #1 above.

Any ideas?


What CMS and player version is it please?

You shouldn’t need to reinstall the player, the X in logged in status means that’s not logged in to the CMS currently, which if persisting could imply connection issue.

! in status column - means that display is out of date, but has not yet checked in with the server, it should not persist in that state if the display is actually logged in to the CMS, depending on the collection interval setting you have.

Once the display is logged in and is able to reach the CMS and communicate with it, if there is any new content to download the status should change to X (downloading content), after that’s done it should be checkmark in status.

It could be good to see a screenshot of status window on one of the affected players, perhaps that will tell us more.

when we were having this issue ( doesn’t seem to have occurred recently ) ,it was the display id (I think that’s what its called) which would somehow get changed on the client, so simply copying the id from within the cms for the particular display and entering it into the client seemed to fix this, but don’t know why this was changing.

We have running Version 2.1.0. Your final suggestion worked.
One of displays showed X to logged in. I opened “Xibo player options” on windows machine. CMS address & server key had resetted to default & in advanced tab “Display ID” was blank. Resubmitted all info & it started to work again. Thanks to your thread I was able to solve it quickly.

Welcome to the Community Didzis_Eglitis. It’s great that you were able to find a solution to your issue from a previous post, I hope you’re Xibo setup is now up and running without issue.

Many Thanks.