Displays not in sync


I have 2 displays which will be mounted side by side, with separate players using identical hardware.

I schedule a single layout to both devices at a set time, (layouts contain 3 10sec images).
I have come across the problem of the displays being about 1sec out of sync with each other.
Is there any possible way to fix this?


Xibo does not support sync between players, so there might be slight differences.

1.8 with xmr should make it a lot smoother than it is in 1.7 series, but still it’s not exactly sync between players.

We will want to fully support it though, the cross platform player for 1.9 series, should support it - Cross Platform Player Specification

Potentially silly idea, but if syncing isn’t possible, and the displays will always be identical - might an alternative approach be to have two video outputs from the same client device?

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