Displays - Colour and Status icons

Looking at the Displays page on the CMS -
When the display is ok, (up to date and logged in) it’s coloured green and shows a tick.
If it’s out of date and not checked in, it displays as yellow and a cloud symbol.
If it’s downloading new content, it’s coloured red and displays a cross.

@alex This, to me, seems to be backwards. I would expect it to be yellow with a cloud if it’s downloading new content, and a red cross and coloured red if it’s out of date and hasn’t checked in recently.

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way - could I recommend this as a change for the next update?

It’s a deliberate choice.

Green - all good
Yellow - all good, but there’s stuff to download at next check in (in some configurations you’ll only ever see this state)
Red - download is underway but hasn’t completed - display may not be showing what is scheduled as a result.

If you’re interested in whether or not the display is logged in, then you want the tick/cross in the Logged in column and not the colour.