Displaying HTML pages

Hi guys,
I am trying to display some html pages that has folders with the content as following:
Folder: Employee tasks
Content of this folder as following:

  • Index.html (this is the page that i should display)
  • css (this is the folder storing css files of the index.html
  • js (this is the folder storing js files of index.html
  • images (this is the folder storing the images of index.html

how do i add all these to the CMS and display in the player?
as a generic file?
if yes, how about the folders that belong to this?

Or embedding?
how do i embed it?


If you add the files using genericfile types the filenames must be referred to using their mediaId. For example, if you upload “bluebell.jpg” and it gets a mediaId of 224, your HTML will need to refer to the file as “224.jpg”. As well, you can’t maintain your folder structure.

There is an option for embedding - when you create your Timeline in your Layout, one of the types is called Embedded. We use this option extensively.

It IS possible to reference local files in a folder structure, assuming you have the ability to add those files to the player. We maintain a separate folder on the C: drive for files/folders specific to us. We use Xibo to execute Commands on the player which upload new files/folders (or new versions of files) - the Command either copies files from DropBox which is installed on the player, or in some cases uses VBScript to download files using HTTP.

Since you’re displaying Employee Tasks, it sounds like this is content that changes regularly. I’m assuming you don’t have the option to just point to a web server that hosts these files (that would be easier). If it’s absolutely required that you push the web assets to the player and load them from there, I’d suggest finding a way to upload them locally to the player and use the Embedded type to show them.

Hope this helps!

thanks for the detailed explanation.
I am unfortunately aware of all that. I was hoping if there was a better solution.

embedded solution does not serve this purpose as far as i understood or perhaps mistaking?
I couldn’t find any info that tells about how to embed simple web pages that has structure with all their files and folders.

I prefer using a web server where to store the content since it is not possible to have them running locally.

There of course is an easy way do do this but it is unfortunately not implemented into the system.
That easy way should/could be as following,

  1. Pack the content of your web page including all its folders and content by keeping the main .HTML/HTM file in the root of the packed directory.
  2. Rename the created .ZIP file to for example .WGT (widget)
  3. Upload this widget to the CMS as a library media item
  4. add it to your layout as you do with images and videos

Player downloads this file to its media folder as all the other media types, renames it back to .ZIP, unpacks zip file, deletes the zip file and starts the .HTML/HTM file which in this case must be INDEX.HTML/HTM from the folder that is extracted from the zip. (example: employees\index.html)

Preview of the layout should also be possible in the same way by just unzipping the content

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you too!

I’m “thinking out loud” here - Couldn’t you upload the ZIP file as a genericfile and then run a Command on the player to unzip it to a specific folder? You could then use an Embedded item to display the HTML from the specified directory.


Thanks Pete! :slight_smile:
I will think of something.

I’d love to know what you come up with. We just began this type of content delivery recently. If there are approaches that are better than ours, we’d love to hear about them. Happy New Year!

I will keep you posted :slight_smile:
Haven’t yet decided how to go with it.

Happy new year!