Display Tags and Scheduling

Having conditional playback based on display meta tag

I’m a big fan of letting the server handle scheduling content versus me having to do it.

Here’s a scenario,

I have displays at 30 different grocery stores. Some grocery stores sell propane, some sell helium, some sell rifles. Stores that sell rifles aren’t allowed to sell propane, except in Virginia.

Instead of having to potentially schedule 30 stores independently, it would be great to have the dynamic playlist be able to check against display tags to determine if the content is allowed to be played on that particular display.

We have a boolean tags for sell propane, sell rifles, sell helium we have another tag for Virginia.

The same logic in the existing dynamic playlist , but instead of just “and” “or” you also include a “not”

So your schedule has all content to all 30 stores and the display tag rules dictate what can be played on a display by display basis.