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I’m having a weird problem with the CMS showing the X status for the display even though the player has downloaded all the files and showing the content correctly. This happens after display authorisation with the default layout as well as after scheduling actual content. When I quit the player and start it again the status will change to tick and green until the next change in layouts or scheduling. When I go to the manage page of that particular display I can see that the most recent layout is in a downloading state but still the player plays it correctly.

This is a test environment in VirtualBox and I have tested the following versions all of which act the same.

CMS: 3.1.5, 3.2.0, 3.3.3 (Docker on Ubuntu 22.04)
Player: Windows v3 R306 and R308 (Windows 10)


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I could also observe this behaviour on a test-server-system of mine. But because it is a TEST system and everything is fine in production, I did not attach much importance to it. Also, my focus for this test was elsewhere. I suspected a problem of the client with the server system concerning the XMR communication, but did not investigate it as mentioned. I’m curious what the community thinks about this.

I think this is an error in the icons that the development team didn’t pay attention to over the years, or maybe they just didn’t see the need to change them haha.
The “X” indicates that your device is currently downloading the content you assigned to it.

This “status” column refers to the content assigned to the device, as follows:

CLOUD ICON: Device is pending update or synchronizing with the CMS.

“X” ICON: Content download is in progress.

CHECK ICON: Content fully downloaded.

The ideal would be to replace these icons as I did.:

SYNC ICON: Device is pending update or synchronizing with the CMS.

DOWNLOAD ICON: Content download is in progress.

CHECK ICON: Content fully downloaded.

It’s worth noting that these icons are updated during the device collection interval, not in real time.
For this reason, you may see your device with the content completely downloaded in you remote access for example, but the icon is still outdated in your CMS.
The icon will only be updated with the “check icon” when there is a new collection interval (which you defined in your “Display Profile”).


Thanks for your reply. I am aware of the meaning of those icons since we also have a production environment in which everything is working ok.

The collection interval is set to 5 minutes but even after hours of operation the status is still stuck in X. Not expected behaviour and very odd that it only happens in the test system.

Go to your “modules” page, and click in the “verify” button.

Let us know how it goes after that.

Already tried that while searching the forum for existing threads about this very problem. Unfortunately it only has the same effect as restarting the player application. All is fine until the next change in content or schedule.

Continuing tests with Linux player this time. Everything seems to be working completely fine. Although XMR is not functioning correctly because the content only updates every 5 minutes which is the collection interval at the moment. I have to do some tests in Windows without XMR to see if that is the core of the problem.

Tried disabling XMR (changed the address to something that can’t be reached) but the problem persists. Could someone from Xibo staff help me with this?

Im sorry, I still dont fully understand what is the problem… can you explain again? What is the relation with the XMR?

Well, according to the tests I’ve done it seems to have nothing to do with XMR. But I’m not sure.

Let me try if I can elaborate by listing the steps to reproduce the problem.

  1. Install Windows player
  2. Fill the necessary info (address, key, etc.)
  3. Press connect
  4. Authorise the display in CMS
  5. Launch the player
  6. The default layout starts playing but the display status remains in X

Restarting the player software changes the status to green. But as soon as I add another layout to the schedule the status goes to X again. The content always plays without issue and according to the schedule.

Please ask further questions if still not clear. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Now I understand.
Well, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work.
What version of your CMS, and what software version do you have installed on your windows device?

Also, swap your default layout content for a 1280x720 layout, with a still image at the same resolution. (only to perform a test).
After that, completely delete your “Xibo Library” folder and connect the equipment again to the CMS.

Let me know if it worked.

I have some reason to believe that the problem is simply with its content. Do the tests above and let me know here… if it doesn’t work, let’s test something else

At the moment I have the latest versions installed, CMS 3.3.3 and Windows player R308. I’ve also tested some previous versions as mentioned in the original post.

I did those tests you asked me to. The new default layout starts playing but the status is still X.

Hi everyone, I have the same issue: when I send a layout to a group of displays, the display appears with an incorrect status as shown in the following image, but in reality it has downloaded all the files and is working properly.

If I then press the “i” button on my client, I see an inaccurate error as the “RequiredFiles.xml” file

because is correctly present

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