Display status always loading

Hey, the status in menu display shows at some displays always loading the “x” but the content is shown correctly. But i cannont load the newest APK to the player or change the player setting i.e from alndsacape to portrait, it does not work.

You have any ideas?

Thanks yours Mark

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Hi Mark,

In your screenshot I don’t see the ’ Angemeldet ’ or ’ logged in ’ column in English? Could you please make it appear using the ’ column visibility ’ button at the top of the Displays page and send us a new screenshot that includes this column?
Please note if there is a cross sign under the ’ Logged in ’ column it means that the Displays are either OFF or don’t have network connection. When Displays don’t have a network connection, they will keep playing what has been scheduled and downloaded earlier so it might appear correct for while although the Display is no longer updating from the CMS. If that’s your case you will need to fix the network connection.

If there’s no ’ X ’ in the logged in column and you have a tick instead but still an ’ X ’ under Status, please :

  • confirm what is the download window set up on those Displays? If they are under the same Display profile you can check this under CMS > Display Settings> ’ Network ’ tab > check the ’ Download Window Start Time ’ and ’ ’ Download Window End Time ’ fields or you can check the same fields per Display under CMS > 'Edit ’ from row menu > ’ Profile Settings ’ tab > check the ’ Download Window Start Time ’ and ’ ’ Download Window End Time ’ fields.

  • send us a screenshot of the status screen. You can get it up by following those instructions : https://xibo.org.uk/docs/setup/getting-the-player-status

  • confirm your CMS version and type of install ( Docker or custom) and your Player version.

Thank you

Good morning Nell,

attached you will find the screenshot including “angemeldet” “logged in”.

The content is shown correctly but the status is always “downloading”.
Hope it helps.
Thanks Mark

and this is the screenshot of the log:

It is a docker installation, actual version.

Thanks Mark

Thank you for your reply and the screenshots

Unfortunately the screenshot from the logs doesn’t show the Status screen which you can get following those instructions : https://xibo.org.uk/docs/setup/getting-the-player-status
If you tried to access the Status screen via the CMS> logs as described in the provided link the please note that on step 7, in Logs you need to search NotifyStatus in the Page field.

Also you haven’t confirmed the Display download Window?

Thank you

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