Display registered but not displaying in admin panel

Hi everyone,

This must have been posted many times before but I can’t find anything recent and relevant to my problem.

I installed the latest Xibo 1.7. I got it to work with 2 displays and on the third one it tells me it is registered and awaiting license from the administrator. However, when I look under Displays in my administrator page I can only see the two displays I setup previously.

The client that is not showing up in the list is still showing the Default Layout but I can’t do anything with that display. I tried reinstalling and reconnecting but I get the same results.

All three machines are on the same network with the same settings.

Is there anyone who had the same issues and do you know how to resolve them?

Thank you


I’ll assume that you have at least 3 display slots (if you have only two then it will not work obviously)
Could you tell me if your every display have different name? If 2 of them have the same name, then it will cause the behaviour that you described.

How to fix it:
Change the hardware key and display name and register again


Hi, thanks for the reply.

Yeah, all my clients have different names. I have never heard of display slots on xibo before. How does one check for that? I can’t seem to locate it anywhere in the settings.


Display Slots is a concept reserved for service providers where they can limit the allowable number of licensed displays. If you have a self-hosted CMS installation and haven’t heard of that setting then you need not worry. As a point to note, if you were a service provider and had set a display slot limit (hidden in the settings table) then you’d still be able to add new displays beyond that limit, but you wouldn’t be able to then edit and licence them.

Regarding the names - we are just guessing as we don’t have any log information, etc - but it is most likely that your new display had a display name identical to either another Display OR a Display Group. In which case it would be half added (Display record in the DB, but no Display Group record).

Do you have any display groups defined?

Ah, I understand about the display slots. Yeah, I have a self-hosted installation so most likely its not the display slots that is the problem.

I do not have any display groups defined. I just did a fresh installation so everything is pretty much set to default.

So I made sure the problematic client’s name is unique. I did a reinstall of Xibo Client and registered again. Again, it tells me its been registered and awaiting license from the administrator. However I still can’t see it under Displays in the xibo admin panel.

I actually need to setup 6 clients in total so I continued on with the next one and that one seems to be working fine. Its just that one client that is being problematic. I’ll see if its something in the windows installation that might be causing this issue.

Thanks again.

It is possible that the player has generated an identical hardware key (the unique Id it uses to identify itself to the CMS). It sometimes happens on very similar hardware or cloned installs.

Try changing the hardware key by a character or two

Yes! That did it. Just added two extra characters in the Display ID field in Xibo Player Options.
Thank you!

You were right about the names also. Even though the computer names are different (our router even sees the different names) for some reason it shows up in Xibo as a name of a client I previously setup. Problem with my installation.

Thank you again for the help. Great service :smile:

Just a quick follow up.
In order to change the name I edited the XiboClient.config file in Users/username/AppData/Roaming
In there I changed the name between <DisplayName> tags and registered the client again. After that everything is in order.

Thank you again for the support.

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Once they are registered they will take the name from the CMS (1.7) and the <DisplayName> tag will change back… that shouldn’t be a problem as the names will be unique in the CMS… but something to keep in mind anyway.

Cheers :smile: