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does anyone know where can I find manual/information of the Advanced tab into Display Profile Settings?
I tried to search online with no success …

Thanks in advance,

Thank you for your post Tiziano.

This link will take you to the documentation for the settings found in the Display Profiles: Xibo Documentation | Xibo Open Source Digital Signage. Is this what you were looking for?

If you can let me know what you would like to know about the advanced tab I may be able to locate documentation or answer your question.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,
in the page you have linked there are missing parameters from Advanced and Troubleshooting tabs of Profile form

I’m searching info about this parameters (I translate labels from italian):

  • Troubleshooting → Path name of the log file: I must insert a path of client (ie: C:\mylogs\xibologs)? Path must exists? It’s relative or absolute?
  • Advanced → Enable double buffering: I need info about this because the hint says “Double buffering helps smooth playback, but should be turned off in case of graphics errors” but it’s not clear the real difference between enabled/disabled. Playback will be more faster(?) if enabled?
  • Advanced → Limit the number of log files uploaded at one time: hint says “The number of log files to upload at one time. The lower the number the more time it will take, but it will use less memory.” could you explain this? I did not understand why player needs more than 1 log file open.

Thanks in advance,

I forgot this:

  • Advanced → Prevent suspension?: hint says “Stops the power management of the player’s PC from suspend” how does it works? Is it possible that this parameter can give problems on some hardware blocking or freezing the PC?

A last question: it’s possible to enable email sending for all players when they will go offline?

or email are sent all time a player is offline for XX minutes as we can set in general configuration under maintenance tab?

Thanks in advance,

Thank you for your replies. I will list the menu options in the order you mention them in your messages:

Troubleshooting → Path name of the log file: This is an optional setting where you can create a log file on the device running your player. A fully qualified path is required.

Advanced → Enable double buffering: Double buffering is a complex method used to improve playback of media by using more than one buffer to load the frames. This can reduce or remove tearing/flickering in some media. If you find that media playback is returning graphics errors you may find disabling this option will improve performance. There could also be other reasons for media playback issues/errors, please keep this in mind if troubleshooting media playback issues on your player. If you would like to know more about double buffering I would recommend searching online for more information, it is too complex to explain in this forum.

Advanced → Limit the number of log files uploaded at one time: The players generate logs and send them to your CMS periodically, based on your collect interval. This option determines the maximum number of log files that will be sent at the same time/concurrently. If there is a large number of logs to be sent this can be resource intensive, this option allows you to set a maximum number of logs to be sent to help manage the load on your Xibo setup when the logs are being sent. I would recommend keeping this as it is.

Advanced → Prevent suspension/sleep: This option will stop the machine running your player from going to sleep. If you have a sleep mode timer set on your machine it will not stop your Xibo signage from running. Again I would recommend keeping this setting switched on so that your displays do not need to be woken up periodically after long use.

Email Alerts can be configured so that a notification is sent if the player has not connected to your CMS within a time frame set by yourself or based on the collect interval you have set for your players. This guide explains how to configure your CMS and players for email alerts.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,
thanks for you answers. Only one thing => for “Limit number of log files[…]” you say to keep it as is but I would try to reduce number to 1, it’s ok? Because on some player I have this messages in log:

  • Unhandled Exception: Insufficient memory resources available to process the command.
  • Unhandled Exception: Insufficient memory to continue program execution.

I’m trying to find when it happens and why so meanwhile I’m trying to reduce memory needs of player.

Reducing the value to 1 is ok, it was a recommendation but you can set that to any value you like.

Many Thanks.

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