Display problem due to scroll bar


We have a display problem with the Linux player (Xubuntu 18.04) which was not the case with the Windows version.

Indeed the different informations are “compacted” because of a scroll bar that is not “unfolded” (see photo attached)

The layout is a web link

(Display error)

(original display)

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I would add that it looks related to the rendering engine used by the player (seems this is a webkit component but not the system default web browser).
This web pages uses many js components and does a lot of js rendering and this is where it fails.
Displaying the same layout in the CMS editor works just fine because it uses your own web browser for rendering.

Would one of these options be possible ? :

  • either update webkitgtk to a newer release (I see your minimal requirement is webkitgtk-3.0>=2.4.10 but current stable release is 2.26.2)
  • or give the ability to embed a web browser of choice (if I remember well, there was such option in the windows player)

Up, This problem is extremely restrictive for us

Up, Nobody to help us ?

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