Display plays old layouts and new layouts, i only want to play the new layout!

So here is my scenario, i have two displays, the way i have been doing this is to create a layout and “Schedule Now” the layout to the two displays, so the layout changes every week(content that is)
But what seems to happen say i want to upload a new layout…it plays the content of the new lay out plus the old lay out, my expectation is that it should play only the new layout .
Am i doing this wrong? could somebody please help me get the right way of uploading layouts that change every week?


When you schedule an Event to a Display, this does not delete the other Events you have previously scheduled. You will need to delete those in the Schedule option in your CMS.

Select the Schedule option, click on the box named Select Displays above the calendar and choose the Display you want to manage the schedule for. this will reveal the Event icons on your Calendar that are currently set for that Display. If you highlight the icons, they will tell you what the Event is. To remove any Events that you do not want to continue displaying, click on that Event’s icon and choose delete at the bottom of the Edit Event window that opens.

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Thank you so much for your swift response, let me tinker with this.
In other words the most effective way of pushing content to displays is to use the scheduling option as opposed to simply “schedule Now” under layouts page?

Let me go through the steps you have given and will give feed back. thanks again

I would definitely recommend the Schedule option in your CMS as you will have far more options when setting and managing your Events.

Clicking on the Add Event button above the Calendar will reveal the Add Event page:

As you will see, there are more options for setting up your Event. If you intend to set a new Layout each week for example, you can set a Start and End date (and time too if you want), which will save you having to manually delete the Event, as it will naturally end on the date you will have set.

Below is a link to our Youtube page, which also contains tutorial videos, I would recommend the “Scheduler and Agenda View” video, which will demonstrate how the scheduler works.


Many Thanks.

sure thank you so much for the assistance i will take a look at the video .
Will get back to you in case of any queries.

Thanks again