Display photos and information in lobby

We are moving into a new office soon and would like to display photos and general information for the public to see in our lobby.

I am planning to use a 40" smart TV connected to our network. Will this work. Are there any suggestions on how to setup this method?

That’s exactly the kind of use case Xibo caters for. You’d need a CMS server running somewhere (or get someone to host that for you - there are lots of providers who can do that, including the project sponsors) plus a Windows PC or Android device attached to the TV to play back content. Android devices generally cost less and use less power but there is a small licence charge for using Xibo for Android. Alternatively you can use a normal windows PC to run it and then there’s no software charge.

Do I understand that the smart TV could not display the photos and messages via a Cat5 cable on our network? I would need an additional PC? Why couldn’t a PC run the software and transmit to the TV from anywhere on our network?
Maybe I don’t fully understand.

If your Smart TV can do that (ie stream the desktop of a PC to it reliably and with good quality) then what you propose should work.

In general though, you have a device attached directly to the TV.