Display Pairing Feature


What do you thing about display pairing feature?

Maybe client screen can show uniq 6-8 character key and then users can add their displays from CMS by add display button. This key can be generated in first install like uniq hardware identifier key and will be visible on splash screen.

That can be realy fast to get permisions for that display. Also add a column near display infromation which shows the user of that display. It will be very easy to show layouts to specific users, departments etc.

right now it takes time and super admin has to approve all etc. Maybe it can be on CMS V2.
Also we are mapping all displays to departments, has to create records for each display which one is where, who use it then add it to display information where its not sortable …
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by the way right now i made it as simple as possible with mac address. First changed license option from 0 to 1 in lib/entity/display.php under private add display function. Then created a basic mysql multi query where each department only need to write their department name and pc mac address in a different php file which stays in web folder. simply it gives permissions to that department named user to view,edit and delete and its already licensed. :smiley: but it has real security problems if you use it not in intranet.


Have you taken a look at Dynamic Groups? This allows you to set criteria so that all displays that match that criteria will be assigned to that group and inherit that groups permissions.

Please do take a look and see if this will satisfy your needs, and please do come back to us with further information as to what you would like to be implemented if this is not the case.

Thank you

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