Display Notifications Alert and Recovery

CMS Version

Cloud 304

Player Type


Player Version

V3 R300


We receive a couple of hundred notifications daily in our CMS that look like the ones below.

Alert for Display IDOL1
Recovery for Display IDOL1

IDOL1 being the name of the display in this example. We get them from all of our locations and displays, as far as we can tell. The time frame between the notices is usually a few seconds but I have seen some that are several minutes. It does not necessarily effect the operation of the units as far as we can tell.
2 Questions

  1. Is the notification telling me that it is disconnected and then reconnected to the CMS? What is the criteria for the notification?

  2. Is there a way to get more info about the notice and what is causing it?

I realize it could be an interruption in wifi signal or poor internet connection. Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

Rod Caddy
Bambino Advertising and Marketing

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