Display not playing a video

I suspect this is to do with the display computer but thought it best to check. I have a video i want to play, however when the video should appear on my screen, it displays nothing other than the background image. The video plays on the display computer using VLC but not Windows media player (it’s missing a codec but won’t tell me which one) Could this be the issue or could it be something else?
Thanks for any help :smile:

I believe it’s because of the missing codec. I’ve never used VLC to use xibo. I don’t believe there is a settings that is used to specify the media player (Windows Media Player vs VLC). I believe people use VLC with embedded HTML configuratoins. What’s the file type?

Your video must play in Windows Media Player. If it won’t, then Xibo can’t play it either. VLC brings it’s own codecs so testing with VLC won’t be useful.

You need to install an appropriate codec. If you aren’t sure which one, then something like the k-lite codec pack will probably have what you need in it.