Display not connecting/updating

Player Version

3 R303.0
CMS troubleshoot version.json:
“app_ver”: “3.1.3”,
“XmdsVersion”: “6”,
“XlfVersion”: 3


Hello. I’m having some trouble getting my CMS and Display to sync. Here’s the situation:

  • Docker Desktop on macOS running a container/s for Xibo

  • CMS is set up, separate display is set up with Xibo Player for Windows

  • Display is connected and authorised (can see in CMS)

  • I’ve created a custom ‘test’ layout, scheduled it as always on, can see that reflected in the schedule/calendar

  • Collection interval or whatever it’s called is set to the minimum (I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this for the better part of a week now so either way, the collection/sync should have happened by now)

  • When I go to ‘manage’ my display fro the CMS, it always tells me “DISPLAY [xx] is currently logged in, seen 1 minute ago”, but also says “This Display hasn’t connected since updates have been made in the CMS. The below information will be updated when it has.”

There are no “reported player faults” on this page. Like I say, the status of the display says that it is authorised and logged in. I’m not sure what I’m missing here. I can’t for the life of me seem to get the display to connect and grab the latest CMS layout updates.

Thanks in advance!

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