Display is out of data

display is out of date and has not checked in with the server

Take a look at the response to this post, to see if this helps you:

Thanks Natasha for your help, I have been struggling with this for over a week. I’m new to xibo and Linux, so it’s been hard…may I contact you for more help as I work on the solution?

If you need further help with your original topic (this thread) then please do post further information so I can try and assist you with that. If you have any further questions or would like advice in other areas then please do start a new topic in the appropriate category so that a community member or a member of the Xibo team can offer assistance when they are able to.

We have installation and set up guides in our Administration Manual if you have not seen those yet? And of course our Community has many answered questions, FAQ’s, Guides and very helpful members who will try and assist where they can :slight_smile:

exact same problem with out 5 Windows PCs. no way to diagnose why they repeatedly say “display is out of date and has not checked in with the server” even though we have our PC’s set to collect new files every hour. They go green for 5 minutes once and hour then sit in yellow warning mode for the rest of the time.

Hi lkemp and CISO_IT, welcome both of you to the community forum!

While you both are reporting the same status for your separate issues, they may not relate to the same behaviour/issue.

I hope that your issue is resolved but as Natasha confirmed, please update this post if you require further support.

The behaviour you describe suggests that you may be using layouts that have resource data that updates periodically.
If you are using a ticker (dataset or standard), weather stocks, or any other widgets that have a caching/update interval option in the widget settings, you will see your display return to the cloud status when that update interval is met and the display needs to connect and download the resource data from your CMS again. I would recommend checking the update interval on your widgets to see if that correlates with the frequency that you see this status.

You can also check to see what files are not downloaded by clicking thew button at the end of the entry for the display and choosing Manage from the menu. Any items with a download symbol next to them instead of a tick are what the display needs to download. I would recommend keeping an eye on that to see if it is consistently the same data/files that need downloading.

If your issue persists I would also recommend opening your own case, as this could get very confusing if your issue is not the same as lkemp :slight_smile:

Many Thanks.

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