Display has sometimes black areas when loading PDF

We have a strange problem with at least one of our Android displays. Sometimes when it loads a PDF there are black areas in the picture. However, it doesn’t happen every time the PDF loads, most of the time the image displays fine. What could be the reason for this kind of behaviour?

Here is a picture to demonstrate the problem.

image (2)

What Player version are you using? Do you recieve any errors when this happens?
If you are happy to send me your layout I can pass this on to test to replicate.

The player in question is version 2 R207. We don’t seem to get any special errors regarding this display.

I have the layout exported, how would I go about uploading it to you?

You can upload your export on https://transfer.xibo.org.uk and then paste the link here, or if you would prefer you can PM the link to me.

Here is the link to the layout:


Thank you, I will pass this over to our support team to test.

Support have had this running and so far report no issues running on a DSCS9 and have suggested that this could be related to your device and not the Player itself. You also suggest that this happens with just some of your Players but not all? Could you therefore look into the differences between your hardware devices to see if this provides any clues as to why some players have this issue and others don’t. For example; Android versions running, webview/browser versions running on each device? (You can schedule the whatsmybrowser webpage into a Layout to see the details about the browser/webview version being used to render it).

A possible solution/workaround would be to convert the PDF to an image instead, and use the image widget to display it? Do let us know if the issue still persists if you do try this suggestion.

Maybe that helps: I got some strange display behaviours with PDF Version 1.6 and up. Converting the PDF (using Adobe Acrobat Optimize function) to 1.3, PDFs are rendering as expected (on webOS and Android). Windows player didn’t have that issue.

Thanks for the tip Ralf. I’ll try to convert the PDF-version and see if it helps with my problem :+1:

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