Display Grafana dashboard via API Key + embeded module + header modify

Hello !
Please I need to do what this person has achieved here

he managed to display grafana dashboards using Xibo module “Embeded” and the Grafana API Key.

I have the key similar to his,
But I don’t know were and how to insert it on the module configurations tab / Fields
I am not a software dev neither web dev

We have CMS 3 and android players 3.02

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If you load grafana when not logged in, do you have to login to see the dashboards? Mine are read only viewable and only editable when I login.

yes we have to login, or have any sort of auth/security that’s why we would like to know how Rodehoed has done it :smiley:

not any idea of which JavaScript should I put into the embedded
“HEAD content to Embed” section for it to display Grafana dashboard, using the API keys and not having to log-in ?

Profile - dan - Xibo Community don’t you have and idea of what what Profile - Rodehoed - Xibo Community has done here ?

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