Display "Display" name or MAC on client

Sorry if this is an old question.

How to display the “Display” name or the MAC on a client screen ? I want to identify the display by showing these values.


Almond Wong

If it’s just one or two units and you want to show this information for a limited time, then for each unit simply create a layout with some text on it such as “this is display x” then schedule that layout to appear on display x.

If you’re looking for some way to permanently show the display number on the corner of each layout: for each media player, create a small file (.jpg or .html with a common name) containing the display number and store that file locally on each media player. Then show that file within the layout. Each media player will pick up its own local file, so will show its own information.

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Thank you for you suggestions. But for hundreds of display, there will be too much layout.

One way I think is display a web page, track the ip, match the ip at display DB, then display the name.

Any other suggestion is welcome.


Almond Wong

You can use shell scripts to output an HTML page for example.

Really simple like: echo "<html><body>" > page.html; ifconfig >> page.html; echo "</body></html>" >> page.html

Then schedule it to run a local HTML file (or browse to localhost or whatever). Something fancier would be a Python script or so that creates a tiny web server which you could culminate into a full-blown monitoring and remote control system.