Display appears in dashboard, but not in Display section

I’m happy to discover Xibo.I whish I could change the display software in the secondary school I work.
So I’m trying Xibo at home, here’s my config :

CMS : Debian 10.8 VM - 2 cores - 2Gb RAM
Xibo Docker 3.1.3

Client : Debian 11
Xibo Player (snap) 1.8-R6

The issue : When I try to add a new display, it seems to work (“Display is now Registered and awaiting Authorisation from Administrator in the CMS”) in xibo-player.options
The new display appears in the dashboard of Xibo-CMS. (Many displays because many tries with different Dispaly ID)

But then, no way to authorise it : it doesn’t appear in the display section :

Can anyone help me ?
Thanks to all of you, have a nice day.

Hi @1smael, and welcome to the community!

Please can you check that the filter boxes on the Displays page are empty on both the General tab and the Advanced tab:

Many thanks,


Hi !
Thanks a lot,“0” was set for ID as default value (Even after a new install of XIBO-CMS) !
Have a nice day,

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